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Server Administrator Guide

Getting Started

WorkspacesIO is an OpenID Oauth2 application. It should support most OpenID auth providers.

  • Auth0 (recommended)
  • Google (tested)

You'll need to create an OAuth app if you intend to use more than the defalt root admin user.

MinIO Setup

A minio root account cannot be used to create a Storage because it cannot be used for STS assume role. Create a new user.

# Create alias
mc alias set mybackend http://localhost:9000 minio minio1234
# Create user
mc admin user add mybackend backend backend1234
# Give user access to all buckets
mc admin policy set mybackend readwrite user=backend

Server Config

Place an .env file in docker/ with these variables.

ENV Name Default description
WIO_PUBLIC_NAME http://localhost:8100/ The public name of the workspaces server that clients can use
WIO_DATABASE_URL postgresql:///wio postgres connection string
WIO_SECRET fast hashing secret for sessions and other needs
WIO_ES_NODES ["http://localhost:9200"] JSON array of elasticsearch nodes
WIO_OIDC_NAME auth0 OpenID Connect provider
WIO_OIDC_CLIENT_ID none OpenID Connect client id
WIO_OIDC_CLIENT_SECRET none OpenID Connect client secret
WIO_OIDC_WELL_KNOWN none OpenID Connect well known discovery endpoint
WIO_OIDC_ALGOS ["RS256"] JSON array of algos to use any configuration that FastAPI takes by default.


cd docker/
docker-compose up -d

Initialize the stack by running through the commands in .