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User Getting Started Guide

This section is intended as a user guide and assumes you have a running server. See the server config docs for help getting an instance running.

  • WorkspacesIO has a web app for file browsing, search, etc.
  • All administrative tasks and config are done through the wio cli.


# with pip
pip install workspacesio-cli

# with pipx
pipx install workspacesio-cli

# verify installation
wio --version

Client configuration

To get an API token for the cli, visit http(s):// and visit the token section.

wio --api-url \
    login \
    --access-key {access_key} \
    --secret-key {secret_key}

Verify the login.

wio info

Note the location of your configuration file. Your credentials are stored unencrypted.

Common commands

# Show the help
wio --help

# Show subcommand help
wio <command> --help

# List your workspaces
wio workspace ls

# List your nodes
wio node ls

Managing workspaces